Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

"Tidak selamanya dibalik sebuah senyuman itu adalah senyuman"

Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

First Day In 2nd Grade

July 18th 2011. It's time to back to school! I felt very lazy to get up from my bed. Today I'm XI IPA 8 not X5 anymore. In XI IPA 8 I haven't friends yet. I just know some people from my Blackberry  Messenger contact. I feel not too enjoy in this class but didn't want move to others class. They're all kind with me. I just feel not suitable with them. Maybe because it's my first time I collaborate with them. I wish I can enjoying my new classmates. Hello, this is my new class. My new classmates. My new life in school. XI IPA 8 !

Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Colourful On Your Fingers

Do You Think It's Old-Fashioned?

I just disassemble my cupboard in that afternoon. I found my mother's old blouse. She wear it when she in Senior High School like me now ;;) I found my little dress. I wear that when I was child. Now It's too small for me. Something in my mind. I cut top of that dress. Now I can wear it as skirt. Do you like my idea? And at last I found my cousin belt. Andddd tadaaaaaaaa ! Do you think it's old-fashioned ?

Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Class Announcements

It's surprise !
I went to SMA Negeri 7 Denpasar about 2pm. Me and my beloved Rara Mahayani search our name. I got 11 IPA 8. It just three person from X5 there and I the only girl. I didn't know how my feeling now.
Just hope 11 IPA 8 can be best class on my life. Maybe it's my last class on my life. It's Senior High School ! Can't be happen anymore. "Senior High School is the most beautiful moment" is it possible?

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Obonk Steak & Ribs

We (me and my beloved Mia Setiarini) went to Obonk Steak & Ribs. We went in the branch teuku umar street.We had late lunch that day. It's about 4pm. Obonk Steak & Ribs have so delicious steak. We choose chicken paper and for the drink, I choose vanilla milk shake special and Mia choco milk shake special. Don't be sad because the price is not too expensive ;)

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, 3rd July 2011 Mia, Rara, Indra, include me went to NAV. Happy Saturday all :)